Welcome to NLP Solutions

At NLP Solutions we focus on the solution to your problems. We use Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy techniques, to produce change with lightning like speed, yet changes that you can keep permanently.


Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, takes the best techniques from a number of different therapies & therapists. These are combined into one of the most powerful toolbox of techniques. These tools can be used to empower your mind and your body because you do know, don’t you, that the mind and body are connected. There are a large number of benefits to having a number of different tools to help you solve your problems. One of these is is that we don’t try and fit clients into a mould that suits the therapy. Instead the techniques we use have always been the right one to fit the client. Our training and experience in selecting the right tool for the job has been comprehensive and the flexibility of our approach means we get the right solution for you.

Eating Spaghetti with Chopsticks

Imagine trying to eat a bowl of spaghetti when you only have a set of chopsticks. It’s not impossible, but a lot more difficult. You probably wouldn’t even try it. So, if you wouldn’t try eating spaghetti with chopsticks, why would you try and fit your problem into a pre-defined structure of therapy? Surely a more flexible approach would be better?

Don’t believe us? Challenge us with your problem!

So whether you want to stop smoking, lose weight, get rid of limiting beliefs in your life, enhance your performance to achieve what you didn’t think possible or dramatically change any part of your life, contact us to find out how we can help you arrive at your solution easily and effortlessly.

Although our main focus is offering solutions to personal issues, we also offer solutions to businesses helping them with internal as well as external communication and training solutions.