The Not Knot

Isn’t it funny how it’s so easy for people to concentrate on their problems, telling us what they don’t want. Even if you say to someone “tell me what you want from…..?”, the majority of people will tell you want they don’t want. Doesn’t sound like too much of a problem until you start to consider just how the unconscious part of our minds processes these nots, and consequently ¬†how we end up tying ourselves up in knots over the nots!

When we’re talking with our unconscious mind quite simply it will ignore the negative, and focus on the rest. So for example if someone is constantly saying to themselves “I don’t want to be fat”, the unconscious mind hears “I want to be fat”. Sound odd? well here’s a quick example for you. What I want you to do, and try really, really hard to do this, is to …… NOT think of a pink rhinoceros on a purple settee. Now, be honest, how many of you thought about that pink rhinoceros on the purple settee. I have to say mine was even reading a newspaper!

In order to NOT think about something we have to first think about it. Knotty little problem isn’t it?

So, how do we find a solution to that. Quite simply start to put things into a positive!

Rather than saying “I don’t want to be fat”, say “I want to be thin”. How about “I don’t want to be poor!”? Try “I want abundance in my life”.

Whatever you do though, don’t take my word for it!

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