We offer wide-ranging seminars and training for businesses and individuals, many of which can be used for either. If you want bespoke training for your business please contact us.

Goal Setting and Motivation

Have you set goals and not achieved them? Have you not set any goals? Need direction in your life? Need direction in your business? Learn how to set effective goals and get yourself motivated to actually achieve them. Make New Years resolutions that you haven’t achieved a thing of the past. We will show you how to create compelling goals, that give you the drive to achieve them, because there won’t be any other possibility in your mind!

Abundant Living

It sounds wonderful, maybe a bit mystical, but what actually is abundance? Discover what abundance actually means to you and how you can shape your life to live abundantly. How you can achieve your real desires, and how you can be truly happy in life and love.

Effective Communication

Learn how to easily and effectively communicate with yourself, and others. Learn how you tend to communicate with yourself in different contexts, how to determine how others communicate and how to use that to your advantage. Learn how to leverage your communication with yourself to propel your life to where you want to be.

Confident Public Speaking

For a great number of people public speaking is the second biggest fear in their life, next to dying, for some others it’s the biggest! Learn how to rid yourself of your fears of public speaking for small groups or the masses. During this seminar we will work with each person to help rid themselves of their fears of public speaking, as well as teaching you practical skills for writing, preparing and presenting.

Effective Sales

Not closing the sale? Finding it difficult to get the first sales meeting? Find yourself on the defensive when you’re selling? Learn the simple techniques that will allow you to increase your sales, find win-win situations and close sales easily.

Health and Healing

So often we focus on the outside world, we forget that we need to also look after ourselves. Come along for a memorable journey of discovery, find your true self, and real nature. This is a chance to be yourself, even if you can’t remember who that is just yet. We have joined together with Ananda Healing to create a friendly and fun way to energise, revitalise, and even rebirth for some.